The Constitution of the
National Residence Hall Honorary
Society of Janus Chapter
The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Drafted Spring 2003-Revised Fall 2014


We, the inducted members of the National Residence Hall Honorary, in order to provide recognition for outstanding service, academics, and leadership in all areas of residence life, do hereby ordain this Constitution of the Society of Janus Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary of the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.

Society of Janus Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary


The purpose of NRHH is to advance the residence hall community at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill through effective recognition of various contributions to residence life and honoring individuals who have demonstrated superior leadership and exceptional service within the University’s residence halls. This organization values Leadership, Recognition, Scholastics, and Service as pillars of this organization.


Section 1: Qualifications of Membership
A.   All inductees shall have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.75.

1. All members shall have resided in a residence hall for a minimum of one semester.

2. All members shall have exhibited outstanding leadership and service in the residence hall system.

Section 2: Membership shall be divided into four categories: Active, Alumni, Early Alumni, and Honorary.

A. Active membership

1. Active members will be undergraduates or graduate students attending and inducted at UNC-CH who live in on-campus housing.  They shall have voting privileges.

2. An active member of the chapter, who is no longer a student, shall become an alumni member.

3. Members who maintain active status until their graduation date shall receive honor cords to be worn at their ceremony.

4. If a member feels that they cannot complete the requirements for active membership for an entire semester, they may petition to remain in good standing.

B. Early Alumni Membership

1. An early alumnus shall be defined as a member that is still a student but can no longer meet the chapter membership expectations.   Early alumni will have no voting privileges and may not hold an executive board position.

2. The number of early alumni members a chapter shall be granted per academic year will not exceed ten percent of the chapter’s membership cap.

3. The member must complete the early alumni membership application (contact your Regional AD-NRHH to obtain a copy) which shall include the signatures of: Chapter President, Chapter Adviser, and chapter member for whom the form is being completed.

4. The completed early alumni membership application shall be submitted to the Regional AD-NRHH for approval.  It is the right of the Regional AD-NRHH to deny requests.  If the member and/or chapter wish to appeal the decision of the Regional AD-NRHH, they may appeal to the entire AD-NRHH board.

  C. Alumni membership

1. Alumni members shall be defined as members who are enrolled and live off campus or members who leave the institution.

2. Members inducted at other institutions may participate with the local chapter upon enrollment and attendance at UNC – Chapel Hill regardless of on/off residence as they enter the organization as alumni members.

3. Alumni that are currently enrolled at the institution have voting privileges and can hold an executive board position.

4. In order to receive cords at graduation, Alumni members must be active for every semester that they are enrolled at UNC Chapel Hill, barring extenuating circumstances.

D. Honorary Membership

1. Honorary membership is offered to others who have shown outstanding service and devotion to the interest of the residence halls.  They will be non-voting members.

2. These members are not required to comply with the standards set out in Article II, Section 1.  This membership designation is used to recognize people including, but not limited to, housing personnel, instructors, college or university staff, and those who have demonstrated outstanding support and service to the residence hall students.

3. Individuals who could qualify for active membership, with the exception of graduating seniors, cannot be inducted as an “honorary member.”  The number of honorary members the chapter shall be able to induct per academic year will not exceed ten percent of the chapter’s membership cap.

Section 3: Expectations of Active Membership

A. In order to be eligible to receive graduation cords, a member must complete:

1) 80% of General Body Meeting attendance

a. 2 GB meetings per month = September, October, November, January, February, March, April = 14 meetings total

b. 80% of meetings = 11 meetings

2) 10 hours of Service per year (Service Pillar)

a. Signature of service supervisor, mentor, service advisor, etc.

b. Anything that helps out the UNC-Chapel Hill Community or Orange County Community

i. Can be reoccurring service projects, ex: hospital volunteering, battle park, etc.

c. Participating in Recognition Projects will count as Service hours.

3) 10 hours of Leadership per year (Leadership Pillar)

a. Leadership role in NRHH Event

i. Volunteering for a shift for an NRHH fundraiser, leading any committee project, selection interviews, etc.

b. Anything for Personal or Professional Development

i. Completing OneAct, Haven, SafeZone trainings; attending leadership seminars such as Leadershape, Carolina United; attending a Housing Conference, etc.

4) 5 OTM submissions (Recognition Pillar)

a. Can’t send more than 2 per month

B. By consensus of the Executive Board, alternative methods of completing membership requirements can be made.

1. A member may not maintain an alternative method of completing membership requirements for longer than one semester consecutively without completing an Early Alumni form.

C. Members must join at least one of six committees within the NRHH chapter.  Members must attend these committee meetings and participate in committee activities as well.

1. Selection Committee– This committee is responsible for preparing and reviewing nominations and applications for membership.  This committee is responsible for the planning and implementation or induction ceremonies.

This committee is also responsible for recognition and support of current NRHH members and outreach to other non-members who demonstrate outstanding service and leadership in all areas of residence life.  This committee is also responsible for initiating programs to promote the organization to non-members.

2. Recognition Committee– This committee assists in the implementation of recognition projects.

3. Service Committee– This committee is responsible for organizing a minimum of one service project per month for NRHH members to benefit the community.

4. Fundraising Committee– This committee is responsible for planning and executing a minimum of two fundraising projects each semester.

5. OTM Committee – This committee is responsible for requesting, editing, voting on, and announcing OTMs for each month.  They are also responsible for sending OTMs to state and regional NRHH representatives.  This committee is responsible for recognizing OTM nominators, nominees, and winners at all levels each month in creative and innovative ways.

6. Support and Outreach Committee – This committee is responsible for creating group development and social activities, maintaining the NRHH website, and organizing other initiatives for the purpose and mission of the chapter.

Section 4: Membership Cap

A. Active membership shall be limited to 1% of the Residence Hall capacity per academic year.

Section 5: Life-long Membership

A. Once an individual has shown dedication and commitment to NRHH according their chapter’s standards, they will become an NRHH member for life.

Section 6: Membership Removal

A. The Removal Policy may be enacted if an Active member can no longer meet the chapter membership expectations.

B. If an Active member is removed, they no longer count towards the 1% membership cap.

C. The following guidelines apply to the procedure for the removal of an Active member:

1. The member and/or chapter must complete the NRHH Member Removal Application.

2. This form can be obtained from the region’s AD-NRHH and the NACURH website

3. This form must include the electronic signatures of the chapter President and chapter advisor.

4. This form must be submitted electronically.

D. The completed Member Removal application shall be submitted to the region’s AD-NRHH for approval.

E. The amount of members for removal is up to the discretion of the chapter.

F. It is the right of the region’s AD-NRHH to deny requests for removal for reasons including, but not limited to:

1. Submission of an incomplete application form.

2. The region’s AD-NRHH does not believe that sufficient measures have been taken by the chapter to address the member’s inactivity or ineligibility within the chapter prior to submission of the application.

G. If the member and/or chapter wish to appeal the decision, they may appeal to the Regional AD-NRHH through written request as to why the Candidate deserves to continue as a member of NRHH.


Section 1: Nomination for Membership

A. Nominations will be conducted at least once per year during the fall and/or spring semester(s).

B. Nominations will be completed on the approved nomination form and must be submitted by the due date on the nomination for consideration.

C. Nominees must have lived in campus housing for a minimum of one semester and have been involved in residence life during the academic year.

D. Nominees must have a minimum cumulative Grade Point Average of 2.75.

E. Nominations may be made by anyone active in residence life, including but not limited to RHA Members, NRHH members, UNC staff or faculty, Student Coordinators, members of Living-Learning communities, and student residents.

Section 2: Application

A. Each individual who is nominated for membership will be sent a congratulatory letter and application to be completed by the nominated individual.

B. Applications must be submitted by the due date on the application for consideration.

C. Incomplete, handwritten, or late applications will not be considered.

D. If formally removed from chapter, then with President’s permission, an individual may apply for re-institution in a subsequent year.

i. If accepted, said individual will receive honor cords upon graduation, NRHH pins, and any further membership benefits granted by the UNC Society of Janus Chapter.

Section 3: Review and Selection

A. Selection will be based on the applicant’s participation in campus housing and their contribution to the university community as demonstrated through their application and recommendation forms.

B. Any application that does not meet the minimum criteria as set forth on the application will not be considered.

C. Information that is not included in the recommendation or application will not be considered.

D. All applications shall be void of personal information when reviewed, such that the applicant remains anonymous.  The President, Vice President, or Advisor must conceal personal information on applications until the selection decision has been made.

Section 4: Selection Committee

A. The Vice President will serve as the chair of this committee, and the NRHH Advisor will serve as an ex-officio member.

B. A committee assembled by the Vice President will review applications/nominations for induction shortly after the period to accept applications has expired.

C. The Selection Committee will meet to select new members following application review.

Section 5: Induction

A. The Selection Committee will coordinate an induction ceremony, to be held after the nomination/application period has ended.

B. All current NRHH members, inductees, special guests, and their nominators will be invited to this function.

C. Upon completion of induction, those new members of NRHH will be considered “active members,” unless the individual has chosen an alternate membership status.

D. The End of the Year Banquet will serve as the inaugural ceremony for the newly elected Executive Board.

E. The ceremony will include a keynote speaker to be invited by the Selection Committee.


Section 1: Elected Positions

A. The President, Vice President, Conference Chair, Service Chair, Recognition Chair, Fundraising Chair and Executive Administrator will be elected in the first week of April.  The Executive Board shall be elected for a one-year term, from spring induction ceremony until spring induction ceremony.  Between the date of election until the spring induction ceremony the outgoing executive officers shall meet with the newly elected executive board in order to transition.

1. Duties and powers of the President:

i. Maintain affiliation with NACURH annually in coordination with RHA

ii. Set agenda and preside over chapter meetings and Executive Board meetings of NRHH

iii. Enforce membership requirements

iv. Serve as the official representative and voice of NRHH to the University community

v. Attend or designate an attendee to represent the Society of Janus at state, regional, and national conference-level NRHH boardrooms

vi. Communicate regularly with the NCC concerning conference participation

vii. Create additional NRHH officer positions as he or she sees necessary with the approval of the Executive Board

viii. Send members progress reports as needed concerning participation in NRHH and membership status

2. Duties and powers of the Vice President

i. Assist the president in conducting business

ii. Spearhead publicity efforts within residence halls prior to the nomination period

iii. Create a new member packet which will include but not be limited to the oath, history of NRHH, and an explanation of the Society of Janus and its purpose on campus

iv. Preside over semester selection process including soliciting nominations and reviewing applications submitted

v. Serve as chair of the Selection Committee

vi. Coordinate with Executive Administrator to have the selection timeline publicized

vii. Attend or designate a member to serve as a liaison at RHA governing board meetings

viii. Create and maintain blog and other social media outlets

3. Duties and powers of the Recognition Chair:

i. Assist the president in conducting business

ii. Organize monthly recognition projects and events

iii. Serve as chair of the Recognition Committee

iv. Coordinate with Executive Administrator to have all recognition project dates publicized

v. Challenge members to recognize and praise each other through team building exercises

4. Duties and powers of the Executive Administrator:

i. Compile and submit a budget at the beginning and end of each semester to the chapter

ii. Collect and manage fees and dues

iii. Ensure check cuts are processed with SAFO

iv. Complete SAFO certification to fulfill duties

v. Request and budget all monies received from Student Congress and Residence Hall Association allocations and earned by NRHH

vi. Process and mange all Purchase Item Request Forms

vii. Record minutes at meetings and email them to absent members as well as post them on the website

viii. Maintain the NRHH listserv

ix. Maintain all attendance and membership status records

x. Send out email reminders about meetings and events to NRHH members

xi. Manage all orders of items from SAACURH and NACURH

xii. Serve as the chair of the Support and Outreach Committee

5. Duties and powers of the Service Chair:

i. Host one service project per month or 4 per semester

ii. Work in conjunction with other campus groups in doing service projects to collaborate with other students as well as spread the word about our own Society

iii. Coordinate with Executive Administrator to have all service project dates publicized

6. Duties and powers of Conference Chair

i. Attend or designate an attendee to represent the Society of Janus at state, regional, and national conference-level NRHH boardrooms

ii. Communicate regularly with the NCC concerning conference participation

iii. Ensure that OTMs submitted at the campus level are evaluated and that campus winners are forwarded to the NCARH Associate Director of NRHH and submitted to the SAACURH OTM website

iv. Determine criteria for evaluating campus winners with the OTM Committee

v. Announce campus, state, regional, and national OTM winners and achieve all OTMs submitted

7. Duties and powers of Fundraising Chair

i. Plan and implement monthly fundraising projects

ii. Keep track of all receipts from fundraising events and names of members who attended the event

iii. Ensure successful transactions of all monetary receipts to NRHH

iv. Oversee the Fundraising Committee and hold meetings when needed

Section 2: Vacancies

A. If the President relinquishes his or her position, the Vice President is the next in succession.  If the Vice President declines, there will be an open election for the position.

B. If a vacancy appears in any other Executive Board position or cabinet position, the President shall appoint a replacement or hold an election.

Section 3: Removal of Officers

Any member of the Executive Board can be removed from office by a two-thirds vote of quorum upon proof of an officer’s malfeasance or negligence of responsibilities

Section 4: Advisors and Liaisons

A. The National Residence Hall Honorary will be advised by the professional staff member appointed by the Department of Housing and Residential Education

B. Other full-time employees of the University may be appointed as the Chapter sees fit

1. Responsibilities of an Advisor:

i. Attend executive board meetings, chapter meetings, and other NRHH functions

ii. Meet with the President and NRHH committees as necessary

iii. Act as the liaison between the chapter and the Department of Housing and Residential Education staff

iv. Provide advisement concerning the future course of the organization, as well as current issues or situations facing the chapter

v. Assist in training and development of officers, as well as orientation of inducted members


Section 1: The Voting Populace

A. Only active members and alumni members, including NRHH officers (Vice President, Executive Administrator, and Committee Chairs), shall have the right to vote.

B. The President shall not have the right to vote unless a tie must be broken.

Section 2: Type of Vote

A. Majority vote shall be taken unless otherwise noted by the constitution

B. Quorum consists of members in attendance (excluding the President) with a minimum of two-thirds of the general body present.


Section 1: National Dues

The Society of Janus Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary will pay annual dues to NACURH in order to retain chapter affiliation.  Accompanying the annual dues is the most updated Constitution and list of current members.

Section 2: Chapter Dues

A. Each member inducted into the Society of Janus Chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary, excluding honorary members, will be required to pay a lifetime $20 fee.  In the event a member cannot afford the lifetime fee, a payment plan will be arranged with the President or Executive Administrator.

B. The nominee will receive notice of this fee when nominated and must pay the lifetime $20 fee within 30 days of induction.

Section 3: Chapter Expenditures

Purchase item request forms: In order for any purchase to be made using chapter funds, a purchase item request form must be submitted to the Executive Administrator 3 business days in advance.  Once approved, all receipts must be handled in a timely fashion and be submitted to the Executive Administrator within a 7 day time frame of purchase.  Failure to submit receipts within this time frame will result in inability to be reimbursed for funds.


Section 1: Executive Board

The elected executive board members will meet bi-weekly to plan fundraising, service, and recognition projects.  Two-thirds of the executive body must be present to reach quorum.

Section 2: General Body

The general body will meet bi-weekly, on the weeks where there are not executive board meetings.  One week the meeting will focus on completing a recognition project, and the other week the meeting will be spent meeting in committees and planning committee-specific projects.  General business of the organization will be discussed.  One-third of the active body must be present to reach quorum.


Amendments to this constitution may be adopted by a two-thirds majority vote of quorum.


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