4.2.18 GBM


  1. Attendance
  2. Reports
    1. Executive Administrator – Alexis Giannattasio
      1. None
      2. Explanation of executive administrator
    2. Recognition Chair – Hannah Carter
      1. Last recognition event is coming up
      2. Explanation of Recognition chair.
    3. Vice President – Katie Way
      1. Interviewing candidates during this week.
      2. The awards banquet will be more like a reception, next GBM. The dress is business casual, awards will be given, seniors recognized.
      3. Seniors, fill out the form from Travis regarding your status.
    4. President – Henderson Beck
      1. Logistical things such as working on the banquet.
      2. Make sure to fill out the senior form.
  3. Voting
    1. Speeches provided by candidates.
    2. Rose Vigil is running for President
      1. Wants to give back to the organization that was an important part of her experience.
    3. Vice President – Autumn Sanson
      1. Participated in CoGo, worked as an RA, OA, then CM.
      2. Been a part of NRHH for 2 years, so it would be cool to work tko make this a cohesive organization
    4. Executive administrator – Christian Dickens
      1. His second year as an RA and he will be returning next year, been in NRHH 2 years.
    5. Conference chair – already selected, Lia Bauert.
    6. Recognition Chair – Wil Weiner
      1. He’s former community governor of hinton james, he wants to run because he has been on recognition committee.
    7. Service Chair – Sarah
      1. On RHA programming board, loved volunteering
    8. Fundraising Chair – Timothy Hartman
      1. As fundraising chair, I raised money for games.
    9. Results
      1. All runners won.
  4. Committee breakouts
  5. Adjournment

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