3.25.18 Exec

  1. Call to order
  2. Attendance
  3. Reports
    1. Vice President – Katie Way
      1. 22 applications, many lower classmen
      2. The date for new member training is to be determined, but probably the day after induction
      3. Working on the banquet
    2. Recognition Chair – Hannah Carter
      1. Met with Krista. What to do for administrative professionals?
      2. Must make union reservation for housing banquet next fall
      3. Banquet: Krista suggested 3508 but it is not reservable
    3. Executive Administrator – Alexis Giannattasio
      1. NRHH was charged $150 in SAFO Fees. This was unexpected
    4. Fundraising Chair – Tim Hartman.
      1. We will do the Chipotle night fundraiser and will be announced at GBM.
      2. Should receive $350 from fundraising
    5. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
      1. The next pediatric playroom service project will happen one more time.
      2. No one has signed up for Tarheel 10-miler
      3. 5 signed up for Adopt A Highway
      4. Rosemary Service project: 6 signed up
    6. President – Henderson Beck
      1. 32 graduating seniors, right now we have 24 cords so we need to order more.
      2. We will double check all graduating senior’s service hours.
      3. We could get free Dunkin Donuts for banquet. We did get free iced tea and cookies
  4. Agenda
    1. Vice President – Katie Way
      1. Room location is up in the air. All other rooms are booked, so checking Hill Hall and aquarium lounge.
      2. Food: We already have cookies, tea, fruit, cheese and crackers. A cake is most likely not necessary.
      3. Do we want a keynote speaker? There will be 22 inductees and 32 seniors. Not beneficial for time to have a keynote speaker.
        1. Allen for a “regards” or something.
    2. President – Henderson Beck
      1. The formal process for the linker award needs to be added to legislation.
  5. Adjournment.




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