2.5.18 GBM

  1. Call to order
  2. Attendance
  3. Updates
    1. Vice President – Katie Way
      1. Nominations are still being accepted. Must nominate at least 3 people to receive credit for an OTM.
    2. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
      1. Six group service events for NRHH this semester. Each NRHH is expected to make at least one group service event.
      2. Adopt A Highway is four times a year. This semester’s dates are February and April.
      3. March 3 and 4 are disaster relief opportunities to help Lumberton recover from Hurricane Matthew.
      4. Tarheel 10-miler
      5. Project
    3. Recognition Chair – Hannah Carter
      1. No reports
    4. Executive Administrator – Alexis Giannattasio
      1. No reports
    5. Fundraising Chair – Tim Hartman
      1. Duke game is an opportunity for fundraising and service hours will be awarded, along with free food.
      2. If you sign up, make sure to come or find someone to replace you if you can’t.
    6. Jamie Cook
      1. OTM chair opens up in January.
    7. Legislation
      1. First piece of legislation is changing the date that conference chair is elected.
  4. Election
    1. Conference Chair-elect: Lia Bauert
  5. Presentation
    1. Alaina Cole: NRHH on the NACURH Level
  6. Committee Breakouts
  7. Adjournment




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