11.6.17 GBM

  1. Call to order
  2. Attendance
  3. Reports
    1. Vice President – Katie Way
      1. Applications were a success and interviews will start next week. There were 17 applicants and all were quality.
    2. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
      1. Great job at filling out the service project survey. The results were important.
      2. The basketball game sign up sheet will be passed around after GBM with attendance.
      3. Adopt a highway has been confirmed and sign-ups will begin soon for that service project.
    3. Conference Chair – Jamie Cook
      1. OTM drive was successful with 54 submissions. All members must write at least 5 for the whole year and only two count during one month.
    4. Recognition Chair – Madison Alexander
      1. The housekeeping banquet will be held December 6. This event needs volunteers to commit between 11:00:1:00.
    5. President – Henderson Beck
      1. Pins and honor chords have been ordered and are coming in.
      2. He is currently working on the SAFO transition with Krista.
  4. NC State Presentation
    1. Q&A Session
  5. Committee Breakouts
  6. Adjournment



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