11.5.17 Exec

  1. Call to order
  2. Attendance
  3. Reports
    1. Vice President – Katie Way
      1. Applications are closed. There were 17 applicants and they all responded to interview questions and had quality applications.
      2. If anyone is available to help with interviews, sign up on the Google Doc.
      3. Is there enough money for a cake at induction and possibly drinks?
    2. Executive Administrator – Alexis Giannattasio
      1. The exec board page of the website will be complete after a few more submit their information.
      2. The checks for Henderson and Madison are in and will be distributed at GBM.
    3. Conference Chair – Jamie Cook
      1. The OTM Drive wraps up tonight. There have been 44 OTMS so far
      2. UNC Chapter is officially affiliated. We only need to add information about where the money comes from.
    4. Fundraising Chair – Tim Hartman
      1. Received information on how to get paid for basketball games
        1. It should be the same as in the past, except funds will not go to 01, they will go to the “12” account for university to split funds that should remain on campus.
    5. President – Henderson Beck
      1. Updates about the SAFO transition will be coming soon. As of now, NRHH will stay on campus.
      2. NC State will be at GBM tomorrow
        1. The agenda will consist of reports, NC State’s presentation, an icebreaker, and committee breakouts. We will also go out for ice cream afterwards.
    6. Recognition Chair – Madison Alexander
      1. The Halloween recognition banquet was a success.
      2. The housekeeping banquet needs more volunteers and commitments for December 5th from 11:00-1:30.
        1. CDS will donate lemonade, tea and cookies
        2. Approximately $115-$160 will be spent on food.
      3. Katie can ask Gus to transfer money, if so Jimmy John’s will cate rather than pizza
    7. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
      1. The stream clean up was not a popular idea. There will hopefully be a Thanksgiving-themed idea within the next few weeks.

4. Adjournment


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