9.25.17 GBM

  1. Attendance.
  2. Call to Order


  1. Vice President – Katie Way
    1. Releasing nomination form for inductions on 9/25 on Heel Life, rather than google forms.
  2. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurts
    1. Service opportunities will be emailed. There are no football games this weekend.
    2. Listserv is updated.
    3. Looking to do Halloween service opportunity – where they
    4. Adopt A Highway is underway, which will be a four-year commitment and is an opportunity for all NRHH members for service hours.
  3. Recognition – Madison Alexander
    1. Looking to move housing banquet to December 1st. This event serves lunch to housekeepers.
  4. Executive Administrator – Alexis Giannattasio
    1. Website is updated with minutes and attendance.
  5. President – Henderson Beck
    1. NC State and UNC-Chapel chapters will collaborate and NC State Exec will join UNC GBM for an evening.
    2. T-Shirt poll was positive

New Business:

3. Vice President – Katie Way

  1. New Point System Presentation
    1. Three components are attendance, of-the-months, and service and leadership hours.
    2. The main idea for the new point system is for those who are unable to make GBM meetings. They can make the points up in extra service and leadership. To do this, you must apply for alternate point status.
    3. Those graduating early are only required to write 2 OTMS for the year.

4. President – Henderson Beck

  1. T-shirt ideas
    1. Vote on charcoal gray was 16. Vote on light gray – 1.
    2. Vote for comfort colors which will be $15-$17. Vote for non-pocket -4.
    3. Vote for diamond options – 15. Vote for second option -4.

5. Committee Breakouts

6. Adjournment




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