9.18.17 Exec

  1. Call to order
  2. Attendance


  • Reports
  1. Vice President – Katie Way
    1. Transfer student process is underway.
    2. Worked on heel life and updated roster, along with exec information
  2. Executive Administrator – Alexis Giannattasio
    1. In the process of updating the website with minutes and exec information.
    2. Organizing dues to start collecting at next GBM
  3. Conference Chair – Jamie Cook
    1. OTM presentations have been given, still need to do Ehaus, Connor.
  4. President – Henderson Beck
    1. Worked on Heel Life.
    2. NC State collaboration by swapping GBMs. NC State GBM is Sunday night at 8:00. Discuss time when executive boards can swap for meetings, possibly mid-October.
    3. Created t-shirt options, Using Comfort Colors and price will be $15-$16. Other options include Neil.
  5. Recognition Chair – Madison Alexander
    1. Preparing for boss’ day, Halloween thank you’s. Suggestions for baskets.
    2. Planning housing banquet and will have committee stay during GBM for weekly craft for November banquet.
  6. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
    1. Adopt a Highway requires four times a year for four years. This is fine with housing as long as NRHH honors agreement. If plan passes, how will this work for the next four years?
    2. Change constitution so that it is mandatory to require a certain number of service hours in order to keep adopt a highway up to date. Possibly require more service hours from service.

3.New Business

  1. Exec Meeting Time
    1. Exec meetings will be held on Sundays, bi-weekly, at 8 starting on 10/1/17.
  2. Budget
    1. $45 for the last two games.
    2. Travis – Habitat for Humanity Build. Can NRHH donate $10 per person who shows up?
  3. Moe’s Benefit Night – use for fundraising and GBM, also service hours.
  4. Review how to submit service hours at next GBM.


  1. Adjournment

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