9.11.17 GBM

  1. Call to Order
  2. Attendance
  3. Reports
    1. Executive Board
      1. President – Henderson Beck
        1. Hopes to collaborate with NC State for activities
        2. Gather interest in t-shirts and possible prices
      2. Vice-President – Katie Way
        1. Working on helping a transfer student switch to UNC’s chapter
      3. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
        1. Working on adopt a highway project
      4. Fundraising Chair – Tim Hartman
        1. Committed to 3 people per game
        2. Alternative fundraising options and will be in touch with members
      5. Recognition Chair – Madison Alexander
        1. There will be no housing project for housing appreciation week
      6. Executive Administrator – Alexis Giannattasio
        1. Will start collecting dues next GBM
        2. Worked on budget
  4. Presentations
    1. Conference Chair – Jamie Cook
      1. OTMS 101
        1. Covered description of OTM and how to submit a quality OTM
        2. Answered questions on member requirements for the full academic year
  5. Committee Breakouts
  6. Adjournment

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