10.5.15 Exec

  1. Call to Order
  2. Attendance
  • Reports
    1. Executive Board
      1. Vice President – Maelin Harris
        1. Applications were due yesterday; 16 applicants total (yay!)
          1. all on anonymous googledoc
          2. another person coming tonight for an interview
        2. meeting this week with committee to review applications
        3. everyone has to comment 1 thing they like & 1 thing that concerns them
        4. spring induction calendar update
      2. Executive Administrator – Susan Gleaves
        1. Attendance & hours need to be approved eing approved so members can check them
        2. Checks for Matt
  • Recognition Chair – Shreya Shah
    1. Oct 12th is bosses day so make Thank You cards for CDs with Hershey kisses
    2. Remind Matt to get Community Governors to sign the cards at BOG
    3. will hand out cards before friday
    4. currently talking to vendors for banquet food
  1. OTM/Conference Chair – Madison Alexander
    1. Went to BOG and gave OTM drive presentation
      1. Made handout to accompany presentation for CDs and governors
      2. available to give presentation to Cogos but no governor has reached out yet
      3. Must tell people to work on quality please; have sufficient words, specific, creative, inspirational, etc
    2. OTM drive starts on today with RHA and ends Nov 5th; submit OTMs to help your Cogo win points
    3. Competition works by residence hall staff & cogo population numbers; have all occupancy info except for Hojo & Parker
    4. will email campus winners and nominees
    5. 1st time dividing up OTMs for committee and showing them the ropes
  2. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
    1. Approved service hours
    2. Football games; this Saturday we need people; PLEASE sign up 3 people; 5 pm
    3. Sends out service opportunities so sign up
    4. Next Saturday is another football game; trunk or treat (buy candy and sit in trunk of Travis’s van
  3. President – Matt Renn
    1. Did paper copy of fishbowl reservation request; we shall see if we get it
    2. will try the 19th if 18th doesn’t work out
    3. Has occupancy #s for Parker and Hojo to save the day; HJ has 20, parker has 11 for now but wants 18
    4. housing panel outreach to every dept remotely related to student affairs but no responses 😦
    5. finally approved by union for affiliation; they waited until 5pm that day
    6. will pay by card online before SAACURH since that check is gone and automatically voided
    7. Remind members that there will be Careerolina Resume workshop
    8. See if SAFO can pull up the check cut for cords
    9. We need to order stuff from NSRO (cords, pins, certificates) since we have nothing
  4. Advisors
    1. Krista Prince, Coordinator for Leadership Development
    2. Angie Matos, Hinton James Community Director
      1. Matt: reach out to union, diversity, terry, leadership development, etc for some non-housing people for our panel
  • Adjournment

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