10.12.15 GBM

  1. Call to Order
  2. Attendance
  • Reports
    1. Executive Board
      1. Vice President – Maelin Harris
        1. 16 applicants wooo!
      2. Executive Administrator – Susan Gleaves
        1. Attendance & hours being approved so members can check them
  • Recognition Chair – Shreya Shah
    1. CD on call survival kit
    2. Facilities banquet next month
  1. OTM/Conference Chair – Madison Alexander
    1. OTMs due on 5th so sent campus winners to next level
    2. Work on quality please; have sufficient words, specific, creative, inspirational, etc
    3. OTM drive started on 5th with RHA; submit OTMs to help your Cogo win points
  2. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
    1. Approved service hours
    2. Football games; this Saturday we need people; PLEASE sign up 3 people; 5 pm
    3. Sends out service opportunities so sign up
    4. Next Saturday is another football game; trunk or treat (buy candy and sit in trunk of Travis’s van
  3. President – Matt Renn
    1. Work out RHA partnership with Taylor
    2. Working with Shreya
  4. Advisors
    1. Krista Prince, Coordinator for Leadership Development
    2. Angie Matos, Hinton James Community Director
  5. Liaisons:
    1. Residence Hall Association
    2. NC Association of Residence Halls 2016 Conference
  6. New Business:
    1. Resume workshop with University Career Services
    2. Committee Breakout
  7. Recognition
  8. Announcements
    1. Next GBM – October 26, Union 3209
    2. Remember to log your hours/OTMs!
  • Adjournment

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