9.14.15 GBM Minutes

I. Call to Order
II. Attendance
III. Reports
a. Executive Board
i. Vice President – Maelin Harris
ii. Executive Administrator – Susan Gleaves
1. Worked on website, now there are menus!
2. New google sheet to track attendance and hours
iii. Recognition Chair – Shreya Shah
1. Bought all the Fanta for “Fanta”-stic Housekeeping Appreciation week
iv. OTM/Conference Chair – Madison Alexander
1. Working on OTM drive
v. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
1. Football games- need 3 volunteers per home game; gets us $120 per game to do our stuff so sign up & get service hours
2. You get 6 service hours for doing 2; wear khakis & white top
3. We can work basketball & swimming too; 2 & 1 people each respectively
4. Work with the Jackson center; walking distance; will send link to sign up, but painting houses
5. Plans for nourish, red cross, artheels, etc etc CHECK ZE CALENDAR
vi. Fundraising Chair – vacant
vii. President – Matt Renn
b. Advisors
i. Krista Prince, Coordinator for Leadership Development
ii. Angie Matos, Hinton James Community Director
1. Feel free to contact if you want anything emailed out to all NRHH members
• Taylor RHA rep
a. over a 1000 in attendance for silent disco
b. working with madison

IV. New Business:
a. Teambuilders!
b. Overview of Committees
c. Get Connected!
i. Member Questionnaire
ii. Follow us on Twitter: @nrhh_unc
iii. Join the “NRHH UNC” Facebook group
V. Next GBM – September 14, Union 3209
a. Teach For America workshop
b. Breakout meeting with your Committee Chair
VI. Recognition
a. Defy Gravity – Week of September 28th
VII. Announcements
VIII. Adjournment


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