9.7.15 Exec Minutes

  1. Call to Order
  2. Attendance
  • Reports
    1. Executive Board
      1. Vice President – Maelin Harris
      2. Executive Administrator – Susan Gleaves
        1. Ask Saumya about RHA $500 allocation
        2. We need to reorganize all our documents: budget, membership list, hours, etc.
  • Recognition Chair – Shreya Shah
    1. We need cords
    2. “Fanta”-stic Housekeeping Recognition event for next week; talk to CDs so they know why we’re dropping off sodas
  1. OTM/Conference Chair – Madison Alexander
    1. Tell more RAs about conferences and get them involved!
    2. Maybe improve the info we give Krista to share on RA training days
    3. 12 OTMs already submitted (thanks Taylor)
  2. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst
  3. Fundraising Chair – vacant
  • President – Matt Renn
    1. Sent SACURH application out
    2. Talked to hazel; is excited to help out; something the GBM after defy gravity to talk about how he got involved in housing
    3. NCARH affiliation complete; NACURH is partially done; nominated hiren, sean, and a loved but forgotten 3rd person
    4. BCC-ing our adviser Krista in emails is swell
    5. Improve NRHH-NCARH partnership = lots of service hour possibilities
  1. Advisors
    1. Krista Prince, Coordinator for Leadership Development
    2. Angie Matos, Hinton James Community Director
  2. New Business:
    1. Fundraising Committee
      1. Neil interested in fundraising committee, however, there are concerns about his time commitment since he is already very involved on campus
        1. Suzy will absorb fundraising as last resort
  1. Next GBM – September 14, Union 3209
    1. Teach For America workshop
    2. Breakout meeting with your Committee Chair
  2. Recognition
    1. Defy Gravity – Week of September 28th
      1. price is $2 or 1 Sept OTM
  • Announcements
    1. EBoard is expected at every meeting except in case of emergency
    2. COMMUNICATION EXPECTATIONS!!! Groupme and email expected to have a 24 hr response time; call or text if a dire need
    3. If you read an email in the NRHH Gmail that doesn’t pertain to you, then mark as unread and tag that person on groupme/like a post if person already notified
  • Adjournment

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