8.24.15 Exec Minutes

  1. Dinner!

  2. Call to Order

  3. Attendance

Advisors absent, service chair tardy

  1. Reports

    1. Executive Board

      1. Vice President – Maelin Harris

        1. Wants largest number of applicants yet and to be competitive

      2. Executive Administrator – Susan Gleaves

        1. Worked on site this summer

        2. need bio from madison

        3. Will add menus to site

        4. Will have ledger for next exec meeting

      3. Recognition Chair – Shreya Shah

        1. Has dates for all projects

        2. 2 housekeeping banquets; looking into catering options like noodles

        3. More recognition for the under appreciated

        4. We need a printer!!

      4. OTM/Conference Chair – Madison Alexander

        1. Reading otms & submitting to Shreya

        2. 2 otm drives this year!

        3. CDs informed RAs of otms

        4. Wants to get otms to be requirement for RAs

        5. OTMmies award show at end of yr

      5. Service Chair – Travis Broadhurst

        1. Reaching out to student orgs to collaborate

        2. Next is outreach to community groups

        3. Musical empowerment

        4. Best buddies- fun trips with disabled children

        5. Same but for elderly^

        6. Terracycle for fundraising; green games Pts

        7. Volunteer at games for funding as well

        8. Leftover food from restaurants for homeless shelter

      1. Fundraising Chair – vacant

      2. President – Matt Renn

        1. Fallfest: first year being there, woo! We need a listserv and sign up sheet next year; perhaps business cards or stickers too; be in student gov section next year

    1. Advisors

      1. Krista Prince, Coordinator for Leadership Development

      2. Angie Matos, Hinton James Community Director

  1. New Business:

    1. Expectations

      1. Shreya:

    2. Goals

    3. Leadership opportunities

      1. TFA

        1. 2nd gbm

      2. True Colors, Strengths Quest

      3. Group OneAct/Haven/SafeZone/Embody Training?

        1. Group trainings, use a gbm

        2. Ignite 5 step program on wed 1-3; explore leadership theory within the context of your experiences

        3. Leadershape advertise

      4. Careerolina: resume workshop? Interview tips?

      5. Amy/Stacy: careers in Housing?

        1. Allan & rick

        2. Testimonials on path to housing

      6. CAPS workshop

        1. Get help from megan

Vii. Linked in workshop!

    1. Filling the vacant Fundraising Chair

    2. Removing the Outreach committee

    3. Usage of Parliamentary Procedure in GBMs

      1. Just reports, motions, adjourn, etc

      2. Train them in gbm

      3. Placards for exec?

    4. Membership Training

      1. New-member retreat

        1. Before induction some sat/sun to discuss opportunities, Conferences, constitution, errthang

      2. Member retreat/bonding

        1. Defy gravity bonding; we potentially offset cost

        2. Bowling is another option

        3. Bonding in lieu of 3rd gbm so get it together! Maybe reserve housing van or figure out rides

    5. Partnership with RHA

      1. Nrhh rep

        1. 2 BOG per month

        2. Ex-officio member of recognition committee

        3. Presentation at end of year

      2. Dealing with excused absences 3 thus far

  1. General Body Meeting – August 31, Union 3503

    1. Overview of the year

    2. Committee announcements: figure out expectations, commitment, requirements

    3. Team builder animal game

      1. Breakout session?

    4. Next GBM: TFA Workshop

  2. Recognition

  3. Announcements

    1. Fall calendar events due 9/6!

    2. Spring calendar events due October 1st!

  4. Adjournment

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